BCNC provides families Access, Opportunity and Community: BCNC helps families access the resources and services available to them, provides opportunities for them to learn and acquire skills, and creates a community of mutual support and encouragement. 


BCNC Programs exist within 3 functional departments:

Child Care & Enrichment Programs


BCNC supports working families through dual-language child care, as well as enriching and culturally competent after-school and summer programs. Each year, 180 children receive nationally accredited dual-language early education and care, and 160 children participate in licensed after school and summer programs with education support and enrichment. In addition, 600 children and adults participate in recreation and enrichment activities through a partnership with the Boston Center for Youth and Families. Programs include: 

Education & Workforce Initiatives 


BCNC supports youth and adults to identify and follow an education or career pathway that leads to higher education, a stable career, and progress on the economic continuum. Each year, 400 adults study English in Boston and Quincy, 100 entrepreneurs, parents, and youth learn financial literacy and budgeting skills, and 150 youth develop “21st-century skills” needed to thrive in college and careers. Programs include:

Family & Community Engagement


BCNC’s family-centered service model recognizes that effective organizations do not merely serve participants in individual programs; they serve participants knowing they are part of a larger family, a family with multifaceted needs. Serving 300 immigrant participants each year, programs include parent education and training, counseling, and advocacy and referral. For more information: