Launched in 2015, the Build a Better Life Campaign set a goal to raise $3.5 million to invest in families and to promote the cultural vitality of the Asian community. We are very excited to share that we have reached the campaign goal, raising a total of $3,567,154!


Thank you to our hundreds of donors who contributed funds and helped us complete the Campaign. We could not have done this without your support.


Barr Foundation
Eleanor and Frank Pao

$250,000 - $499,999

ArtPlace America
Liberty Mutual Insurance

$100,000 - $249,999

S.K. and Cynthia Ho
Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund
State Street Foundation, Inc.

$50,000 - $99,999

Nancy Wang Adams and Scott A. Schoen
Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund
Charles and Ceci Chin in memory of Lem and May Chee Chin
Selina and Joe Chow
Lorrayne "Dina" Yen Chu and John H. Chu
Crawford-Fang Family
John and Stephanie Fan & Family
Lydia Yung Sze

$25,000 - $49,999

Frank and Tina Chan
Nick and Eva Chau
Clinton H. and Wilma T. Shattuck Charitable Trust
James S. Lee and Marian A. Tse
Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation
Cecilia Sze and Nien Dak Sze
The WANG Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999

Asian Healthcare Foundation of Massachusetts
Paul K. Chan in memory of Anne
Brian J. Downer
Renee Inomata and Paul Lee
Nobuko O. Kuhn
Lee Family in memory of Ging Shang Lee
Eugene and Jody Mahr
Peng and Elaine Mei
Joy Lim Nakrin
Peter and Yoshie Ng
Trish and Steven Ng
Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
P.L.U.S. Charitable Trust 
Sandee and Peter Simshauser
Madeline and Howard Wan
Peter and Rebecca Woo

$5,000 - $9,999

Bret Anderson and Joanna Chow
Patrick D. Cahill
Stephen Chan and Tim Schofield
Jeanne Ng Chin and Thomas Chin
Russell L. Chin, Esq.
Thomas and May Y. Chin
Annie Chin-Louie and Thomas Louie
Jimmy Chiu
Sandra and Chet Fenton
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation
Julia Kuo
Paul W. and Dr. Mary Y. Lee
San San Lee and George Ellsworth Turnbull
Giles Li and Sopheak Tek
Ann C. Moy
Marie and David Moy
Shari Wyner Narva
Elaine Ng and William Greally
Christopher and Nancy Oddleifson
Russell Colgate Fund
Helen Chin Schlichte
Betty K. Szeto
Wendy L. Voegeli
Ching-Wah Wong
Dr. and Mrs. Julian Wu
In memory of Norah Fung

$1,000 - $4,999

Miki C. Akimoto
Richard G. Bowers, Jr.
Pauline Ho Bynum
Agnes and Vincent Chan
Carmen S. Chan
Arthur and Carole Chen
Hung and Jill Tsui Cheng
Mildred Cheung and Gim Hom
Billy Y. and Josephine L. Chin
Dean Chin and Helen Wong
Frank F. Chin in memory of Kathleen Chin
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Chin
Man Pun Choi
Peter and Rosana Chow
Chung Changing Lives Foundation
Anmarie Ciccolo in memory of Joseph and Lillian Ciccolo
Linda Duong
Raymond Eng in memory of Elaine
Raymond Eng in memory of his parents
Raymond Eng in memory of Rose and Morris Finkel, M.D.
Fong and Gallagher Family
Eileen and Gerald Heng
Delia Cheung Hom and Eugene Shih
Kenneth and Carol Jue
Sand T Kalloch
Dr. George Liang King and Mrs. Diana Eng King
Geoff Kronik and I-Min Lee
Christopher Lam
Holly C. Laurent
Cindy Lee in honor of Meihau Yu Lee
Victor and Maisie Lee
Wilson and Esther Lee
Marilyn Lee-Tom
Edith and Heng-Chun Li
Tommy and Jane Li
Cindy Liu and Harvard Pan
John and Linda Louie
Richard and Helen C. Lui
Pauline W.F. Mak and David Wolfe
Bill and Theresa Mock
Christopher Moy and Zoe Ning
May Mu
Charles and Diana Nickerson
William Quan and Denise Lau
Jean and John Quintal
Caroline Reeves
Sabrina and Dan Scudder
Elaine Li Shiang and Frederick Pei Li
Kevin So
Emily L. Sy
Helen P. Tang
Shannon Tang in memory of Richard Tang
Tony Trzcinka in memory of Charles Trzcinka
Mr. Joseph H. Tsao and Mrs. Lily Lawn-Tsao
Two Piano Journey
Upland Capital Corporation
Eugene Welch
Doris O. Wong in memory of Toy Len Goon
Gock N. and Wah Wong
Dr. John and Lena Wong
Katherine and Henry Wong Fund
Elizabeth and Eric Woo
Richard Y. and Jania N. Woo
Perry Wu and Grace Kao
Cynthia Yee
Young-Spitzer Family
Emily K. Yu
In honor of Gina Zhu
In memory of Caroline Wong Chang,Mina Chin, and Helen Eng Woo
Anonymous (2)

$1 - $999

Ann Coakley Anderson
Nick Anderson
Susan M. Asai
Eugenia Beh
Keith Benichasa
Libby Benson
Jonathan Berk
Betty Bothereau
Jesse Brackenbury
Bailey Carroll
Kay Cavagnaro
Amy Chan
Carole Charnow
Amy Chin
Susan Chinsen
Emily Chu
Rebecca Cline
Emily Curran
Leslie Davol
Kimberly Dawson
Philip Dea
Gary B. Dunning
Mary K. Eliot
Gay Eng
Ken Eng
Norman Eng
Nicole Fink
James and Donna Fong
Gina Ford
Rick Fox
Rod Gao
Tess Gerritsen
Jean Gibran
Lamont Gordon
Huiming Guo
Mairead Harris
Evangeline Haughney
Brian Henderson
Ben Hires
Hong Kong Restaurant
David C. Howse
Betsy Huang-Logan
Carrie Hui
Tammy Hui
Theresa Hwang
David Jacobs
Ariana Julian
Jane Jung
Kathleen Jung
Zenub Kakli
Pete Kamm
Kenneth Kan
Joanna Kao
Nathaniel W. Kerr
Peter Kiang
Sophia Kim
Dolores Kong in honor of Sharon and Michelle Kong
Juliana Koo
Margarita Lam
Stephen Lampron
John and Mary Ann Lape
Jenny Lau
Rebecca Lee
Tunney Lee
Sherman Leung
HK Lim
Daniel Lin
Grace Lin
Robert Lin
Letty Liu
Thomas Louie
Vivian Louie
Millie Low
Melisa Mack
Ann McQueen
Timothy Medlock
Ruth Mercado-Zizzo
Yu Man Mui
Mariel Myers
Eileen Ng
Yvonne Ng
Minh-Tram Nguyen
Obiajulu C. Okuh
Jennifer Opp
Alan Pang in honor of Kaitlin Pang
Brian Peter
Felix C. Poon
Carolyn and Noah Rubin
Howard Rubin
Margot Rubin
Rachel Salzberg
John Shesler
Marcia Simon
Abria Smith
Cynthia Soo Hoo
Karen SooHoo
Ramani Sripada
Julia Sue
Patrick Tai
Cynthia Tong
Kenrick Tsang
Wen-Ti Tsen
Ebrahim Varachia
Al and Anita Wing
Anjela Nga-Wing Wong
Benny Wong
Cynthia Wong
Deanna Wong
Karen Wong
Kin Chung Wong
Lisa Wong
Maurice Wong
Robert and Donna Wong
Patricia Wu
Travis Yee
Lai Young
Joann L. Yung
Winnie Zhang