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Yu-Wen Wu Leavings/Belongings

Yu-Wen Wu is a Boston-based interdisciplinary artist. Born in Taipei, Wu came to the United States at the age of seven. Her work is informed by this bicultural upbringing—the eastern and western influences in life and art.

Wu’s current work explores the issues of Displacement, Assimilation and Individual and National Identity. Through video, installation, drawing and sculpture she challenges our impressions of accuracy and storytelling. Compositing imagery, she draws together the natural world and social movement, on both a personal and global scale. She approached her own experiences of immigration and other culturally specific happenings by presenting them as a series of inevitable occurrences. 

She is the recipient of numerous awards, exhibiting museums and galleries nationally and internationally, and in many public and private collections.

While in residency at the BCNC’s Pao Arts Center, Wu will continue her work on Leavings/Belongings. Inspired by the tradition of storytelling while making, the project engages participants from various public, immigrant and refugee communities in the making of symbolic “bundles.” These anomalously-shaped, cloth-wrapped bundles may represent what is left behind, and what may be carried in migration – survival, hope, dreams. Through the act of making together, participants share their family’s and their own immigration journeys, generating dialogue that bridge across experiences, generations, and ethnicity. Throughout the project, Wu records these narratives, photographing the participants and their bundles. This project will culminate in a multimedia installation at the Pao Arts Center and other public spaces.

Contact: Cynthia Woo

About the Artist-In-Residence Program

Neighborhood engagement is the focus of the Pao Arts Center’s residency program. One artist per year is selected to work with the center on a dynamic project that stimulates community dialogue in public spaces within and beyond the Center’s walls through artistic practice. The selected artist receives financial support, project resources, and office space at the Pao Arts Center. 

Contact: Cynthia Woo