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We Share We Listen 我想聽 你說

  • North Quincy High School 316 Hancock Street Quincy, MA, 02171 United States (map)

Youth, Parents/Caregivers, and Service Providers are invited for a day of conversations on how to improve the well-being and health of Asian American youth and families.我們邀請青少年、家長/照顧者、以及服務提供人員來共同進行有關如何改善美國亞裔青少年和家庭的福祉和健康的對話。

REGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED! Register below for this free event by Thursday, April 19. 活動免費;請在4月19日, 星期五前通過以下表格報名. 

Together we will hear from health, education, and social service professionals, screen the documentary "Looking for Luke," and share with each other in breakout sessions. Chinese interpretation is available. 我們將會聽取來自醫療、教育、社會服務背景的專業人士的意見、觀看“尋找Luke”的紀錄片、以及在小組裡互相分享寶貴的經驗和知識。屆時將提供中文翻譯。

About "Looking for Luke": Luke Tang was a well-liked, passionate, and brilliant Harvard sophomore who took his friends and family by surprise when he decided to take his own life. The film aims to raise awareness of depression as an illness and destigmatize seeking help for mental health issues. 關於“尋找Luke”:唐章浩(Luke)是一個受眾人喜歡、充滿熱情、和聰明的哈佛大學二年級學生。也因此,他的親朋戚友難以置信他最終會決定了斷自己的生命。這部紀錄片的目的是為了提升對憂鬱症病情的認識,並且鼓勵以尋求幫助來解決心理健康的問題。


  • 9:00 am Registration
  • 9:10 am Speaker: Justin Chen, MD, MPH, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • 9:45 am Screening of "Looking for Luke"
  • 10:20 am Panel Discussion with health, education, and social service professionals
  • 11:30 am Breakout Sessions:
    • Youth - Balancing Youth and Parent Wishes
    • Parents - How to Raise a Healthy and Successful Child in the US
    • Providers - Social Emotional Health for Asian American Youth and Parents


  • 9:00am  註冊
  • 9:10am  演講: 麻省總醫院醫生,Justin Chen, MD, MPH
  • 9:45am 觀看紀錄片“尋找Luke”
  • 10:20am 醫療、教育、社會服務背景的專業人士討論會
  • 11:30am 小組討論
    • 青少年 – 平衡青少年和家長的願望
    • 家長/照顧者 – 如何在美國養育健康和成功的孩子
    • 服務提供人員 – 美國亞裔青少年和家長的社會情緒健康

Contact 如有問題,請聯繫: Grace Su | 617-635-5129 x1039 

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Register for We Share, We Listen by Thursday, April 19 請在4月13日前報名“我想聽你說”

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