For more information on renting rooms at Pao Arts Center, 99 Albany Street, Boston, please email the Director of the Pao Arts Center.

For more information on renting the following rooms at 38 Ash Street, please email the Operations Manager.

Ash - Board Room

The board room, located on the fourth floor, is ideal for those who are interested in holding meetings in a business oriented setting. The board room seats 25 comfortably; and contains a telephone as well as a projector and screen.  


Ash - Computer Lab

The computer lab has 15 workstations available for use. The computer lab works great for those interested in small computer skill based classes.



Ash - Room 402

Room 402 can be used for small meetings and discussions. This classroom is also great for those who are planning on holding small forums. The classroom can seat 12-14 people comfortably and is equipped with 12-14 student desks. 


Ash - Room 501/508

Room 501/508 is equipped with chairs and folding tables and can seat up to 40 people each. Room 501 and Room 508 can be connected to form a larger rental space for larger events such as receptions, parties, and large gatherings for up to 80 people.


Ash - Room 505

Room 505 is equipped with chairs and folding tables and can seat about 30 people comfortably. Room 505 can be used for birthday parties, intimate corporate gatherings, or small events.

For more information on renting the following rooms at 885 Washington Street, please email the Building Manager.


The auditorium is great for holding bigger events such as shows and performances with its large capacity of about 300 people. The auditorium has an elevated stage at the front center as well as cascading rows of seats, allowing the audience to easily view the performances on stage.


Activity Room

The activity room can be used for holding small events such as fitness classes and dance classes. The activity room has a rubber/vinyl flooring that is soft to the touch, that works great for those who are performing physical activities.



The gym is ideal for holding sporting events such as basketball tournaments or play time for groups of people who are interested in getting together to play their favorite sport. The gym has a rubber, vinyl floor which help prevent injuries such as scrapes while playing sports.