My son really focused and sat for a long time. It was great!
— Chun Hua

Chun Hua initially came to BCNC to learn English and find a good job. However, when her son was diagnosed with autism, BCNC Family Services became a valuable resource for her. Chun was concerned with her child’s social interactions, language skills, and behavioral issues. Through monthly parent meetings and meetings with a child development specialist, BCNC enabled Chun to learn about her child’s development and connect with parents facing similar experiences. BCNC helped Chun access services that taught her how to support her son’s social-emotional and language growth. Chun warmly recalled taking her son to Special Art, a collaboration between BCNC and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. “I didn’t want to take him,” she says. She worried he would run around the room and not want to sit or draw. But he surprised her. “My son really focused and sat for a long time. It was great!” Chun saw her child’s progress which made her extremely happy and thankful for the services she received.