The Legacy Circle honors friends whose generosity will help us thrive for generations to come. Please consider naming BCNC as the beneficiary of your bequest or estate plan. A planned gift takes many forms, and depending on which path you choose, it can provide significant tax benefits or even a lifetime income for you and your loved ones. BCNC is happy to work with you and your professional advisor to create a charitable gift plan to meet your personal and philanthropic interests. Please contact Joann Yung, Director of Development at 617-635-5129 x1054.

With the following planned gift options, your gift to BCNC can last far beyond your lifetime. 

Charitable Bequest

A bequest is a provision in a will that provides a specific dollar amount or a percent of your estate to Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center upon death. Large or small, a bequest is an easy and flexible way to support BCNC far beyond your lifetime.

When preparing or revising your will, please consider using the following wording to include a gift to BCNC:  “I leave ($____ or X% of the residue of my estate) to Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center whose current legal address is 885 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111”.

Life Insurance

You can name BCNC as a beneficiary and/or owner of a life insurance policy that you no longer need for its original purpose.  Such a gift would entitle you to a current income tax deduction and would remove the asset from your estate, thus saving potential estate taxes as well.

IRA or Retirement Plan

An IRA or Retirement plan can make a great gift to BCNC. Since these assets generally incur income taxes and estate taxes at death, a gift of such assets allows 100% of the amount to be put to use.

Charitable Gift Annuity - Receive a Fixed Income from your Gift

Through a charitable gift annuity, you can make a gift and receive a guaranteed, fixed income for your lifetime. The payment can be made to you alone or to you and a survivor (commonly a spouse). The minimum gift is $10,000. A charitable gift annuity provides several benefits:

  • A fixed income for life;

  • An income tax deduction;

  • No loss to capital gain taxes on appreciated securities;

  • A portion of the annuity payment tax-free.

 Following is a sample of the single-life* Gift Annuity Rates effective July 1, 2010:
Age                        Rate                             Age                             Rate
60                           5.3%                            75                                6.4%
65                           5.5%                            80                                7.2%
70                           5.8%                            85                                8.1%
 *Call us for a rate quote for a two-life gift annuity.

Don’t need the income now? You can defer payments to a later date.  The annuitant must be a minimum of age 60 when payments begin. When you defer the payments, you receive a higher income tax deduction and a higher annuity rate than for an immediate payment annuity.


In addition to current gifts for operating purposes, we welcome you to consider a gift to our Permanent Endowment.  All endowed funds are held permanently with income only to be used. By making a gift to the BCNC Endowment, you can permanently link your name to BCNC or pay tribute to loved ones through a gift in their honor.

*In all cases, please consult your own financial advisor before entering into a planned gift arrangement with BCNC.

We are proud to honor the following in BCNC’s Legacy Circle:  

Chin Tunn Fon Endowment Fund
Fung Family Endowment Fund
Carmen Chan
Nubuko Kuhn
Elaine Ng and William Greally