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Who We Serve

  • 2,600 children, youth, and adults each year
  • 400 families each year
  • 84% are Asian
  • 84% do not speak English as a primary language
  • 73% are low-income
  • 60% are immigrants who have been in the US for less than 5 years
  • 50% are children and youth

2016 Outcomes

  • 100% of 5 year old children met or exceeded pre-kindergarten standards.
  • 100% of high school seniors were accepted to college with financial aid packages covering a median of 91% of expenses. 


  • 253 individuals participated in civic engagement activities.
  • 51 youth assumed leadership roles in the community.



  • 240 youth and adults received financial literacy education.
  • 94% of parents of BCNC Acorn Center for Early Education and Care learned about community resources from their teachers.


  • 139 parents improved skills through parenting workshops.
  • 39 families in crisis gained support and skills to improve their family life.

BCNC Portraits

 Chi Wan Chow (Parent)

When Chi Wan Chow emigrated from Myanmar sixteen years ago, she was illiterate in Chinese and English. Now she has become a leader in the community. Watch this video and see how BCNC has impacted her life. 

Felix Li (Youth Participant)

Felix Jianqiang Li is a senior at Charlestown High School who has been going to BCNC's Youth Center for four years. Watch this video and see how his involvement at the Youth Center has improved his leadership skills and led him to a brighter future.

Ellen Tang (Volunteer)

Ellen grew up in Quincy and now gives back to the community as an active BCNC volunteer. Watch this video to hear Ellen’s story and how volunteering and mentoring youth has made a difference in her life. 

ShaoLong Zhang (Adult Education Student)

ShaoLong Zhang came to the U.S. from China in 2011 with limited English and became a participant of BCNC’s Adult Education Program. Watch this video to learn how ShaoLong's commitment to furthering her education and career has led her to a full-time job.