BCNC was like a beacon, guiding me in the dark. It’s been very important to me, in my life.
— Xianwen Li

When Xianwen “Jeff” Li came to the US in 2013, he was initially excited about the new sights and sounds. Before long, though, Jeff started feeling lonely and regretful. He came from a comfortable life with a well-paying job, however in Boston he found he couldn’t speak English well enough to buy what he needed at the store. Jeff accepted a job as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant, but it embarrassed him when he could not understand customers. He came to BCNC and began a journey to success that continues today. BCNC provided a platform for Jeff to improve his conversational and writing skills. One teacher, Taylor Liss, encouraged him to read newspapers without using a dictionary. Another teacher, Kim Lampereur, helped him write an essay. Jeff was able to successfully move on to the Bridges to College program and is currently completing a certificate program in Biotechnology.