Families Discovered a New Take on Asian Culture

Experience Chinatown was a great success with 2,000 people in attendance! The arts festival was packed with performances and activities including flamenco, kathak dance, hip-hop, violin, map-making, calligraphy, and more.

Odaiko New England drew a crowd with their energetic drumming. Wah Lum Kung Fu showed attendees how a lion drinks bubble tea. The Pao Arts Center Senior Dance and Softball Group were costumed from head to toe for their dance. Boston Bhangra had everyone dancing along—even some of our volunteers!

At the One Greenway Park on 66 Hudson Street, kids of all ages walked on stilts, provided by Circus Up. The windy day was also perfect for flying the handmade kites they made with the Museum of Fine Arts! Lily Xie did a collaborative map-making activity with children and they imagined a new map of Chinatown with pattern origami paper and drawings. The fun didn’t stop there: Henna Café drew intricate henna designs on hands, Rayna Lo taught calligraphy, and there was also flag-making and musical exploration.

Attendees also went to our three partner restaurants—APM Coffee, Crave Mad for Chicken, and Double Chin—and enjoyed discounts from the popular Chinatown eateries!

Special thanks to our sponsors and partners as well as our artists and volunteers!

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